Beacon solution

Companies use some solution beacon, beacon app, beacon technology. Big data analysis is also well-known to them. Big data analytics became one of the most important topics in companies.

What is more, we have to focus on them and find some ideas and solutions that will suit the one company that we lead all the time. Therefore, companies are buying some devices that help them to work efficiently and do not leave them lost. We must be aware of this fact.

What is a beacon technology?

imagesIt is a protocol prepared by Apple Company and introduced to the market. It is a compatible hardware, using Bluetooth low energy and transmitting unique identifier. It distributes messages and uses technology based on GPS but with much better precision. It helps to position objects and enables mobile payments. It is extremely useful to the companies and to the private users as well. System differs from other systems because it is efficient. It can track users as they are moving around the transmitters. The Beacon is a new tool that has been in existence on the market since 2013. It was produced and spread in this year. Probably new and new versions of the product will appear in the market as soon as possible.

It is cheap because it is a cost about 4 US Dollars but it is worth buying as a device being extremely useful for the people.

Summing up, companies do not have to buy expensive systems to function better. Beacon is one of the cheapest but really useful devices and systems in the world.