Dealing with the customers

In the 21st century customer is the most important person at the market. It is said that the sales specialists, engineers or politicians are most important, but the truth is that customers with some money in their pockets are the most important people on this planet as they have power and authority to make every single company great or to make a large company like General Motors or Motorola collapse.

Crm is an acronym that stands for customer relationship management and it was programmed to gather all kind of information about your customers in order to know as much about them as needed. It is not to spy on them or something like that. It is to make sure you will prepare the best possible offers for them, because you need to know who is your customer.

CRM is a genius solution due to many reasons, but in my opinion the biggest advantage of this system is the opportunity to keep all the data online. Crm software has significantly increased its presence on the market due to the fact that it is also a simple solution. It gathers all kind of data and show you only the information you want. If you run a large store you need to know whether your customers are in the early 30’s or 60’s, because when you want to have a sale in your store you need to know what else you should give for free to this order as people in different ages want different things. Mobile crm is also a possible solution as people know that more and more people do shopping and check data on tablets or smartphones.

architecture-22039_640Generally speaking, crm salesforce helps you to organize, automate, and synchronize sales, marketing, customer service, and technical support. It is impossible to say which thing is the most important one, I do believe that all of them are important, because success if a combination of the above. I just want to point out that we need to know that only sales makes profits, but without marketing and technical support it is difficult to have sales at high level. Best crm software is demanded by many companies that just want to have increase in sales and make larger profits.

If you run your business in China and sell your products in the United States of America or let’s say France you can have VAT, customs and income tax calculated so your accountants have easier job, because the software allow them to see all data in legible charts that are easy to analyze. Crm system also knows how much you need to pay for importing products from China, Japan or Vietnam. It has all rates introduced into the system so all you need is to calculate what will be more profitable for your company as importing let’s say mobile phones from one country could be far less profitable than from another even though price would be the same. This crm system is just priceless.

Just to sum up, if you want to have many clients – crm system is what you need! Customers love to be taken care about and show them how much you love them and how much attention you pay to them!