Do not try to stop developing

If you are a potential entrepreneur and you want to achieve something in your life you cannot stop developing. The more people I know, the more opinions on this I have and I can assure you that people that stop reading books after graduating keep on making pennies while people that put their right forward and do not stop developing are making more and more money having more spare time at the same time. If you wonder what you should be interested in as a company director or employees, let me tell you that there is something known as sales force application. What does it refer to?


Crm stands for customer relationship management and generally speaking the software is supposed to help you with few major things.

  • Collect data; as a company you want to know as much as possible about your business partners. You want to know as much as possible about your customers. You do not want only to know what they are looking for but you want to know what software they use to visit your online store, you want to know whether they are using mobile application, Google Chrome, Mozilla or Internet Explorer? Yes, I know that you want to know all of this and let me tell you that sales force system make it possible.
  • Make your incomes higher; I know that it is a little bit deceiving as this software will not make your incomes higher, but it will definitely help you to make those incomes higher as because you will know a lot of things about your customers you will be able to offer them services and products that they are actually looking for and those products and services wanted by your customers will make you richer.
  • Depicting data in litigable way; when you see all that data collected is not easy to read and what is more important, it is not easy to draw some conclusions from that, therefore, salesforce management will help you to see all that data and will help you to draw some conclusions. This is an amazing tool. It is said that it is spying on customers, no I do not agree with that. For me it is more like offering customers products and services they want, that is all.

The above are just the examples of what salesforce system is able to. There are many more things that this software can help you with and believe me, a book could be written on that, a long one! If you want to know more on that and companies that offer such services, you need to do your own research as every article will bring something more to your life and will make you smarter!