Information Communication Technologies

Information and Communication Technologies became an idea for the whole world. It is not individual, it is global. ICT solutions are present in the world of companies. Data are collected and managed in a very professional way. In the past they were papers but today most of them are put into computers, CDs, sticks and other modern devices.ux-789162_640

Data management is a serious knowledge that became a subject of studies. European Commission emphasizes that ICT enables access to data and knowledge. ICT is studied at all levels of education and became an important tool. Internet, wireless and stable, cell phones and other media are presented as ICT. They are really important for all of the people – both employers and employees. ICT lead to the creation of a global village, world connected by internet network.

No matter how hard people work, how little time they have, nearly all of them have permanent or temporarily access to different sources of information. The name ICT was used in the Great Britain in 1997 for the first time. It is a network of all the devices that are useful in order to forward information and receive information. We shall remember such names as disaster recovery center, distribution channel, DLP, dms software.

Summing up, today we cannot imagine living without ICT solutions that are crucial, important and developed all the time. In 10 or 20 years the face of ICT will be completely different, better-developed and probably easier.